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Cleaning Services

Redemptive Developments launched its cleaning services in late 2011 as a response to many request for this service. When being contracted by customers for moving or removal services, RD received endless requests for cleaning services once an apartment or home was vacant. This was quickly identified to be a large need for many of our customers, so Redemptive set out to create a team specific to the needs of the customers.

RD’s cleaning staff specialize in move-out and move-in cleaning services, however often also get contracted for post construction as well as many ongoing maintenance cleaning contracts for individuals with mobility limitations. Redemptive has brought on cleaning professionals from the cleaning industry to lead our cleaning teams through their work. Not only does RD boast the highest quality work, but also amazingly hard working and talented women and men. RD has employed and trained many individuals from very diverse backgrounds and skill sets, offering full and part time employment.

In addition to many “standard” cleaning jobs, RD’s staff have been trained and equipped to safely offer solutions for pest infested and hazardous job sites. These service offering have been of great benefit to many of our commercial customers as they and their clients deal with the endless issue of pests within Edmonton. Additionally, for many non-profit organizations facilitating housing programs, concerns of dealing with hazardous and bio-hazardous work is a reality. RD’s trained staff enter any situation with the utmost caution and carefully plan and execute the cleaning services with precision.Screen showing non-profit cleaning website