How to Remove Junk from Your Home

Get this junk out of my house!

We know the feeling, the stress and worry that’s involved when you have junk piling up in your home, with the grief of trying to figure out how to remove that junk from your home while on a budget. This can often feel overwhelming, trying to organize friends and family, borrowing a truck or a van and doing your best to try and avoid any damage to your home or property.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We want to make sure that you are able to get those items removed from your home safely while sticking to your budget. At Junk 4 Good, we offer a no contact, 10% discount, if you are able to move your items to the curb for our quick pick-up service.

DIY Junk Removal

Here we have included some helpful tips and considerations when preparing to remove junk from your home.

  1. Wear gloves – wearing gloves is one of the easiest ways to protect yourself from injury. When lifting and removing items, things can shift or slip causing scratches and cuts. Find yourself a good pair of protective gloves before beginning any work.
  2. Know how to safely lift “with your legs, not your back” – Make sure that before you begin removal of items from your home that you know how to properly lift to reduce the risk of injury. Picking up items properly, using your leg muscles rather than your back, will save you strain and potentially injury, this is key when performing any labour work. See Alberta Health’s tips for proper lifting technique. How to remove junk from your home safely - lift with your knees, save your back
  3. “Plan your route” – Before you pick up that heavy item, plan the best and safest route out of your home. Having a “game plan” before hand can save you from panic and having to make an on-the-fly decision that could pose a safety risk. Decide which door you are exiting through, who will go up the stairs first and who will be walking backwards. Be sure to clear your path and remove any items out of the way that could potentially become a tripping hazard.
  4. Use moving equipment if available – The best and safest way to remove junk from your home is to use the proper equipment when accessible. These can often be items such as lifting straps, tilt dollies (also known as hand trucks) and moving blankets. These items will often make the job easier to accomplish, reduce risk of injury and protect your home. Common items you may use these on are fridges, dryers, cabinets and large tv’s.
  5. Transport safely – Once you have safely removed all of your junk items from your home, the next step is loading and transportation. This can often be one of the most dangerous and overlooked pieces. Make sure before you begin to transport any items, you know your local transportation requirements and bylaws.
    1. Load heavy items into the bottom or lowest point of your vehicle. Keeping the larger and heavier items at the bottom assists in keeping your vehicles center of gravity as low as possible. Additionally, this will allow you to stack or pile lighter and smaller items on top.
    2. Properly secure the items to the vehicle BEFORE beginning your trip. Your goal here is to ensure these items don’t shift, move or fall out during transportation. Using tie down straps is best to keep your items strapped down with tension. Other items such as rope or woven and strong twine could be used to hole these items in place.
    3. Tarp any loads with light weight items that might blow away. Using a plastic tarp to “wrap” overtop of any exposed items can help reduce the chance that the wind will pick these items up and remove them from your truck. Additionally, this can protect any items from rain or snow if the items are able to be reused or recycled.

Curbside pickup of old mattress.

Curbside Junk Removal

If arranging transportation is your biggest challenge, give us a call to utilize our curbside pickup service!

Junk 4 Good’s curbside pickup is the perfect complement to your DIY removal of junk from your home. Because you are doing the heavy lifting of items from your home to the curbside, we discount our removal/disposal rate by 10% to better fit your budget and also help maintain social distancing and safety measures. We will send our hard working teams to your driveway or curbside to quickly and safely load those junk items into our truck. Our knowledgeable teams will handle all the loading, stacking and securing of these items for proper transportation. Let us take on the hassle of properly transporting these items to be recycled or disposed of.

For more information on curbside pickup, be sure to visit our curbside pick up service page.

Call us today to book your worry free curbside pickup! Junk 4 Good – 1-844-586-5446