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Junk Removal Services

Junk 4 Good is your best option for residential junk removal from inside or outside your home, our staff can make the process smooth and easy! Find relief by simply pointing to the items that need to be disposed of. Our strong and capable staff will safely load the items into our removal trucks, all while you sit back and relax. When we take your items for disposal, we responsibly donate and recycle all the items we are able to. Donations go to support local charitable programs in your community servicing those in need. Items that are to be disposed of will be responsibly sorted and recycled, often we are able to see upwards of 60% of items safely recycled. Junk 4 Good is Canada's largest non-profit junk removal provider. We invest 100% of our proceeds back into local charities to help support their programming. You can rest easy knowing that your hard earned dollars are not only paying for the highest quality services, but you are also doing social GOOD in your local community. See for yourself what our happy customers are saying about our services!

Outdoor Junk Removal

Get your outdoors whipped into shape this year! Our friendly staff are ready and capable to handle your job, big or small. Whether you have tree branches or a rotten deck, let Junk 4 Good clean up your outdoor space so you can enjoy it stress free!

Indoor Junk Removal

Junk piling up in your home? Don’t bother with the hassle of wrestling the items to your local landfill, let Junk 4 Good’s team come in and remove your items without you lifting a finger. From couches, mattresses and appliances to exercise equipment, we can handle it all!

Appliance Removal

Time to replace that old and outdated washer and dryer? Maybe it’s time to trade in for that stainless steel fridge. Don’t sweat the disposal of your old appliance, Junk 4 Good is able to quickly and affordably remove your items without you having to lift a finger.

Furniture Removal

Don’t let the removal of your old furniture items stop you from upgrading to new and better. Getting rid of your old couch, mattress and other furniture pieces can be easy! Let the staff at Junk 4 Good relieve you of your old furniture and give you back the space you need.

Electronics Recycling

We take the hassle and cost out of recycling your old electronics. Whether you’re looking to recycle a single item or multiple electronics, we are able to help.

Home Renovation Junk Removal

Don’t let your renovation waste pile up, taking up space in your house or your yard. Junk 4 Good can provide you relief from the clutter of your home renovation. There is no amount that is too big for us to handle!

Dumpster Rental

Are you looking for another option for getting rid of your junk? Junk 4 Good can offer you a convenient solution for your dumpster rental needs. Let one of our friendly staff arrange a delivery of one of our many different sizes of dumpsters.

Estate Clearout or Liquidation

Our team makes removing unwanted items quick and easy. We know your time is valuable and dealing with an estate is a lot of work, so let us do all the lifting for estate removal jobs.

Recycling and Donation of Household Items

Being responsible with your next removal has never been so easy! our teams will make sure your items will be recycled and donated when possible and will be diverted from the landfill. Choose Junk 4 Good as your responsible and ethical solution for junk removal.