Concrete Removal

Concrete Removal

Concrete is used in construction to build things all around us and unfortunately, not all of it stands the test of time. Whether its your driveway, sidewalk or patio, Junk 4 Good can help you with your concrete removal. Don’t stress about all of the heavy lifting, transportation and risking hurting your back, leave all the work to the pro’s!

It’s so easy, simply book an appointment and our team will arrive on site to your location. Just point to the items to be removed and our team will provide you with an absolutely free, upfront and no-obligation estimate. Then just sit back, sip your coffee and watch your concrete disappear!

Concrete Recycling

Ever wonder what happens when you arrange for concrete pick up? Much of the concrete that we remove can actually be recycled! If removing clean and non-contaminated concrete, our staff will often deliver your old concrete to an appropriate recycling facility. If your concrete is free from rebar or steel mesh, these materials can often be recycled. Concrete recycling is done by breaking up and pulverized the concrete into much smaller, fine pieces. Once the concrete is processed, it can often be reused as gravel, paving materials and aggregates.

When the time comes to arrange for your concrete recycling, just give our team at Junk 4 Good a call and let us do all the hard work!

Concrete removal and concrete recycling in Calgary, Edmonton, and surrounding areas.

What types of concrete removal do we offer?

Junk 4 Good can offer convenient concrete pick up for most concrete items that one or two staff can carry, including;

  • Concrete countertop removal
  • Concrete blocks removal
  • Concrete driveway removal
  • Concrete step removal
  • Concrete floor removal
  • Concrete pavers removal
  • Concrete patio and patio sets disposal
  • Concrete tiles and walls removal
  • Concrete debris removal
  • Concrete planter disposal

Other related construction items we remove;

*with larger sections of concrete (not able to be carried by two staff), these items may have to be broken up into smaller pieces prior to our teams arrival.

Can concrete be recycled?

Yes! However, it will depend on the state and “quality” of the concrete. Most concrete recyclers will only accept concrete that is free from rebar (steel bars that hold the concrete together) and/or steel mesh. These items will often cause issues for the processing equipment required to process the concrete pieces. Don’t want to wrestle your old concrete into your vehicle, just to unload it again at the concrete recycling facility? No problem, let Junk 4 Good’s team do all the hard work and transportation.

Where to recycle old bricks?

Many concrete recyclers will also accept bricks at their locations and involve bricks in a similar recycling process. Be sure to search out and contact your local concrete/brick recycler to find out exactly what they can and can’t accept. If you want to avoid the hassle of tracking down the appropriate facility and transporting these heavy items, Junk 4 Good can make your items disappear. Our team will arrive on site, providing a free estimate and performing all the hard work.

How to get rid of old pavers?

Getting rid of old pavers doesn’t have to be difficult, however it has the potential to cause injury if not performed safely. Most transfer stations and landfills will accept pavers at their sites. Additionally, you can recycle old pavers at your local concrete recycler. When loading and moving your old pavers, be sure to always lift with your legs (not your back) and to protect yourself from injury by using gloves, safety glasses and protective clothing when required. If you want to skip all of this hard work, simply give Junk 4 Good a call to book your convenient, hands-off appointment.

How to dispose of brick and concrete?

When you are in need of brick and concrete removal, you may have several options to choose from. Start by searching for a local concrete disposal or recycling facility in your area and dropping the items off at their location. Be sure to take all safety precautions when working with heavy items like bricks and concrete. Use protective equipment (gloves, safety glasses, boots and other protective clothing) to keep yourself safe and always lift heavy items using your legs, not your back. Junk 4 Good can provide brick and concrete disposal, saving you time and stress. Let our capable teams bring you relief, getting rid of your old concrete with ease!