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With many municipalities modernizing their garbage collection services, your local waste removal process may have recently changed. Whether you have curbside trash removal, or maybe you don’t have any garbage haul away service at all, Junk 4 Good’s junk removal service is here to help! Junk 4 Good can easily offer you garbage pick up services to compliment your regular pick ups or supplement the waste collection and disposal service all together.

One of the most common requests we receive is to help our customers with their excess garbage. Oftentimes, customers struggle with their local cart programs not offering enough space for all of their household waste. It can be very tough to transition to a program like this and reduce your waste enough to avoid having too much garbage for garbage day. If this happens to you, you can simply call Junk 4 Good – your local trash hauler and junk removal company.

But what can you do with all that bulky garbage? Unfortunately, not all cities offer a “large item pick up” for old furniture, appliances or heavy garbage. So if you have bulk garbage that wont fit in your garbage bin, Junk 4 Good can help with your garbage pick up and recycling needs! Junk 4 Good’s team will arrive when it works for you and take care of all the lifting and loading all of all your large garbage items.

Garbage pickup and removal

Is it Garbage or Recycling?

When working to manage your household waste, it’s important to know which items are actually garbage and which ones are recycling. To simplify things, we recommend to begin sorting your recyclable items first, then items which are left will be ready for trash.

When learning what can be recycled, most local municipalities offer information online as to which items are recyclable within your local programs. It’s very important for each of us to play our part and attempt to divert as many materials for recycling as possible. When we do this at the household level, even more materials can be repurposed as new products. Common recyclable items include paper, clear plastics and cleaned food containers, aluminum, glass & paper drink containers as well as cardboard.

Additionally, if your city has a food scraps program, you can divert your food waste, yard waste and even coffee grounds to this cart.

Learning which items are garbage and which are recycling can be challenging, but once you get the hang of it becomes second nature. Most programs are designed to encourage households to recycle. By not having volume restrictions on recycling items, residents are encouraged to divert all of their recyclable waste, in turn creating more space in your garbage cart. Cities will often offer a smaller garbage cart at a cost savings to reward households who become great at recycling.

Once you’ve become a pro at sorting, if you still have items for removal that don’t fit in your garbage bin, Junk 4 Good can easily handle the disposal and recycling.

Types of garbage we pick up

Before and after household trash removal

Garbage Removal FAQ’s

Does waste management pickup large items / how do I get rid of large amounts of trash?

When looking to get rid of large items or large amounts of trash, it is best to consult your local waste management hauling service to discover what services they offer. Your “regular” trash pickup collection schedule may have restrictions on the amount you can dispose of each week, however many cities offer one or two large item pickup days each year or even a “big bin event”, where you can bring your items to a designated location and load them into a bin. Additionally, Junk 4 Good offers an effortless, “hands off” full service pick up for large items.

How to get rid of extra garbage?

When looking for a heavy garbage pickup, you may have a few options. Be sure to look at your municipalities large item pickups or big bin events if you’re able to haul the items yourself. If this doesn’t work with your schedule or you don’t have the means to move the items yourself, give us a call at Junk 4 Good. Our teams can easily remove your items from your home.

What will waste management pickup?

Depending on your location, your local waste management service may have varying offerings for garbage collection. Common items that will be picked up will be recyclables in a blue bag (paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.), as well as garbage that fits into a household garbage bag (there may be volume or weight restrictions depending on local regulations). When you have items that don’t fit into these waste disposal categories, Junk 4 Good can help remove almost any household items, from couches, mattresses, e-waste recycling, to extra household trash. We even offer a 10% curbside discount.

When does yard waste pickup begin?

Many municipalities and cities now encourage you to simply add your yard waste to your green cart recycling for weekly pickup. Often cities will add in a few additional yard waste pick up days throughout the warmer months. This can however add up quite quickly as we hear from many customers who struggle to fit all of their grass clippings into the bin. So if your weekly green cart pickup isn’t enough, Junk 4 Good can offer quick relief for your yard waste pickup.

Does waste management pickup mattresses?

Unfortunately, most residential and commercial waste management pickup providers won’t collect larger items like mattresses on your weekly waste collection. These items can often be collected during large item pickup and big bin events, however if you’re unable to time these events perfectly, they can become very inconvenient to dispose of properly. Junk 4 Good can offer full service mattress pickups and mattress recycling, making sure they aren’t simply landfilled.

Will waste management pickup carpet?

Getting rid of old carpet can be challenging and most weekly garbage collection and pickups are typically limited by size and quantity. If you are able to cut and compact your carpet into small enough pieces and get them into garbage bags, then your local pickup service will most likely pick these up. This can however prove challenging if you are removing a large amount of carpet or if your carpet fills up your garbage bin, leaving no room for your regular household trash. Junk 4 Good can alleviate this struggle if you are looking to get rid of carpet from your home.

Can you put a couch out for trash pickup?

The most common answer is no. Many waste collection services use trucks that will actually compact garbage bags, allowing them to cover larger communities at once. They also typically operate with a team of two, one driver and a staff member walking behind loading in the garbage bags and bins. This causes restrictions for what they can and can’t accept as they need to be able to be loaded by one person and they typically have restrictions on the volume or size of items to allow for the truck to complete their scheduled routes in a more predictable manner.

So when you’re wondering “where can I trash my couch”, simply give Junk 4 Good a call. Our team will handle all of the loading and even help to determine if the couch can be donated or not. Even more, if you can have your couch waiting on the curbside, we can offer a 10% discount!

How much does curbside trash pickup cost?

Curbside trash pickup doesn’t have to be complicated. Junk 4 Good offers a convenient and cost effective junk pick up service. Our curbside service makes the removal process easy, and even comes with a 10% discount on our regular rates. If you are able to safely place your items at the curb, or an area that our trucks can backup immediately to (eg. driveway or alley), we can offer you our 10% discount.

Do you offer a seniors discount?

Yes we do! We love our senior customers and are happy to offer you a 10% discount when you choose to use our junk removal services. Let us work hard for you when you’re ready to get your items disposed of.

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