Residential Electronics Recycling

Let our teams in Edmonton handle your electronics recycling responsibly!

Do you have electronic items that you need to get rid of? We know just how heavy that old television is in your basement can be. Our staff will responsibly sort and dispose of your items to be disassembled locally. All reusable pieces from your old electronics will be removed and recycled into different industries and you can rest with ease knowing any personal data is safely destroyed. At Junk 4 Good, we take the hassle out of recycling your old electronics, whether you’re looking to recycle a single item or multiple electronics, we are able to help.

Junk being carried out of a nice home with a happy customer

We recycle:

  • TV’s
  • Computers
  • Monitors
  • Stereos
  • and more!

Call us today in Edmonton – 780-761-9636, to schedule your free on-site estimate. We can send an experienced team over to remove your old and heavy items with easy. Just point out your items you want recycled and let us handle the lifting, its that easy!

If you are able to remove your old electronics from your home but simply have no way to dispose of them, we have a solution for you too! We offer discounted rates for items that are already at your curbside. If it’s as easy as our team pulling up to your house, and quickly loading items up that are curbside, we can offer you up to 10% off the final price!

If you need to have your old electronics recycled in Edmonton, or surrounding areas, our team is here to make the process as simple as can be. Call 1-844-JUNK-4-GOOD for more information or book online in just a few easy clicks.