Junk Removal Frequently Asked Questions

What is Junk 4 Good?

Junk 4 Good is a not-for-profit full service junk removal company which offers professional waste removal services for customers in the greater Edmonton area. Whether you are in need of residential junk removal or commercial junk disposal, 100% of our proceeds go to support our local charity – The Jasper Place Wellness Centre and the programs it offers in Edmonton, Alberta.

How does Junk Removal work?

It’s easy! Simply give us a call toll free at 1-844-586-5466 or in Edmonton at 780-761-9636 or book online, our team will arrive on site and give you a no-obligation up-front price for your removal. Once you give our team the “go ahead”, they will remove all the contents and do all the heavy lifting, leaving you to sit back and relax. Once finished, we will tidy up and issue you a payment receipt, leaving you with a clean home or work space.

Are your junk removal employees insured to do this type of work?

Yes! We carry ample liability insurance and are categorized in one of the highest WCB coverage categories. Quality and safety are our greatest concerns, so we always make sure our staff and most importantly our customers are well protected.

Why do you need to see the items in person in order to give me an accurate price?

Our junk removal pricing is based upon the volume of items removed, and how much space they will take up in our truck. Prices may vary depending on the weight and type of the material. This makes it very difficult to give an accurate estimate without seeing the items in person.

What is the size of your junk disposal trucks?

Our trucks average around 15 cubic yards of space (some are slightly different shapes and sizes but we love them all the same and they all will hold 15 cubic yards). This is important to note when you are shopping around for rates because just like ourselves, most removal companies will charge based on the space your items take up in their truck. Truck capacity is key!

When should I book my junk removal appointment to make sure I can arrange a convenient time?

Book as soon as possible, as our schedule does fill up quite quickly. We have made all efforts to make scheduling an appointment as easy as possible. Please give our friendly customer service agents a call at 1-844-JUNK-4-GOOD, or try our free online booking, available 24/7!

Where does the junk removed end up?

We make every effort to reduce our environmental impact. If possible items are donated, recycled and sorted to divert from the landfill. The end location will depend on what the items are. For example, mattresses, scrap metal and electronics can be recycled locally.

Are mattresses recyclable?

Most of a mattress is recyclable – Mattresses that are collected within Edmonton (we also recycle mattresses from Calgary and throughout the rest of Alberta and British Colombia!) are sent to Evergreen Recycling where more than 85% of each item is recycled and diverted from the landfill. See our mattress recycling facility interview with ShawTV.

Where can I recycle appliances?

Appliances that our staff collect are transported and sorted at an appropriate recycling station. These items often become scrap metal which is then turned into future steel products. Appliances with coolant or Freon in them are separated and sent to a location where this refrigerant is responsibly removed.

How to recycle electronics?

Junk 4 Good can pick up any of your electronics for recycling. Many of your household electronics are recyclable! Items like TV’s, monitors, computers and more are separated and then sent to a local facility where they are disassembled for recycling.

How to dispose of broken furniture?

When we pick up your old furniture or household items, those that are in gently used shape are often dropped off at local non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity. Items which are broken and considered “junk” will end up at a local transfer station.

Can you remove my junk if I am not on site?

Of course we would prefer that you are present on site, however, we know that making arrangements can sometimes be difficult. In many cases, if the items are accessible our staff will call you with a price before beginning work. Once you give the “go ahead” then we will remove the items and then phone you for credit card payment before we leave.

What kind of junk can you remove?

We can remove almost anything from anywhere. If two staff can’t move it then we can arrange to have another truck on site. To date, we have yet to find an item that we can’t remove!

How much does junk removal usually cost?

Junk removal service fees can vary greatly depending on the job size. At Junk 4 Good, we only charge you for the space your items take up in our truck. This means if you have a single tv or a basement full of old furniture, the price will change depending on the volume.

For a better idea of what your removal might cost, check out our online booking estimator. Simply enter your postal code for the most accurate area pricing and use our estimator to see our possible pricing.

Need help beyond that? Not a problem, let us book an appointment for you and we would be happy to offer you an on-site, no obligation, free estimate for our services.

Do you tip junk removal guys?

It is completely up to you! We make sure that our staff are compensated with competitive hourly rates and it is our duty to remove all the junk that you have on site. Additionally, our staff are encouraged to always go above and beyond at each job and sometimes our customers like to tip our teams for their hard work. At the end of the day it is not required by any means, our price is our price, there are no hidden fees. We will always work hard to provide you with an amazing service.

Where can I take my junk?

If you are looking to dispose of the junk yourself, you can always take your waste to a landfill or transfer station yourself. We recommend to Google the closest landfill or transfer station nearest you.

If the task of removing your items on your own seems too stressful, we would love to help! Give us a call or book online and let us do all the hard work!

What to do with old laptops?

Old laptops and other electronics unfortunately no longer serve much of a purpose when they slow down or become unusable. When these items reach the end of their life it is always best to recycle them. By bringing your items to a proper recycling facility, this will ensure that any and all materials present in the computer will be removed and reused for future use. We are happy to help with this, our teams will make sure to divert and sort any electronic items which can be recycled.

Have a question that we’ve missed? Ask us!