Appliance Removal

Move out of the way, old appliances!

Let Junk 4 Good take the hassle out of your next appliance removal. Whether you’re looking to have us haul away a single fridge, pick up your washer and dryer set, or have multiple appliances to get rid of, we have the skills and manpower to handle the task. No job is too big or too small, and no matter the size or layout of your space, we’ll get those unwanted appliances removed out of your home quickly, safely, and efficiently. Maybe you want to take advantage of our 10% off appliance curbside pick up? Just place your appliances at your curbside, driveway or alley (anywhere that our truck can back immediately up to) and our staff will get them removed from your property in a jiffy!

Best of all, when you utilize our appliance pickup services, you’ll benefit from our:

  • Competitive rates
  • Easy scheduling
  • Responsible disposal
  • Prompt, reliable teams

Efficient and affordable appliance removal

When you call Junk 4 Good for appliance removal, its as easy as 1-2-3. Identify the items you are wanting removed. Sit back and let our staff load and remove the items from your home to our truck. Allow us to handle all the disposal on your behalf with one all-inclusive and affordable price.

Appliance Disposal – Where does it all go?

When you hire our top-notch junk removal staff in Edmonton, they will not only work hard to remove your appliances, but they will dispose of them responsibly. When we take an old appliance out of a customer’s home, we do our best to recycle every piece. Within each appliance there are components which contain steel, aluminum, copper and plastic, most of which could be used again in future consumer products. Our professional staff will go out of our way to sort and divert appliances from landfill, to have them be recycled and reused by local companies.

Junk 4 Good will efficiently remove your fridge, stove, dishwasher, freezer or washer and dryer. So whether you’re looking to free up some space in your basement or have broken appliances removed from your office, we’re the team to turn to in Edmonton Alberta. Call 1-844-JUNK-4-GOOD today for more information or to set up an appointment.

As a not-for-profit organization, we invest all of our proceeds back into local charitable programs. It is our social mission to do GOOD in our local communities that we live and work in. When you book with Junk 4 Good our staff will arrive in a clearly marked truck and in uniform. We will provide you with honest, upfront prices and a quality of service that you’ll want to tell your friends about! See for yourself, what other customers are saying!

What appliances do we remove?

We can remove any appliance that two staff can lift! This often includes;

Appliance Removal FAQs

Where can I donate a washer and dryer?

Unfortunately, most non-profit organizations no longer accept large appliances as donations. This is most commonly due to concerns of liability when these items are then given out to community members. We always recommend to reach out to local non-profit and charitable organizations to inquire as each one has different policies.

The easiest way to get rid of these items for free or on a budget is to bring them to an eco or transfer station in your local area or to take them directly to a scrap yard. Most eco/transfer stations have a flat rate which they charge to receive these items and some scrap yards will take these from you free of charge.

Where can I take old appliances?

When looking into your options of where to take your old appliances, there are typically a few venues we will recommend. First of all, if your items are in gently used shape, we suggest contacting a used appliance store. Sometimes these outfits will take your old appliances off your hands and refurbish them to be used again.

Otherwise, your best option will be to recycle the materials. This can often best be done by bringing the items to a local eco/transfer station or directly a local metal scrap recycler. This option will see the metals separated and sent to be reused in future steel products, however utilizing these services will require that you have the means to transport these items yourself and may possibly even incur a fee for recycling. Please check with your local facility and scrap yard for specific details.

Where to recycle microwave ovens?

Microwave ovens are what we would consider a “small” household appliance and fortunately, when in good condition, can sometimes be donated to local non-profit/charitable organizations. With a simple Google search in your local area, you may be able to find a list of locations to drop the item off for donation.

If the items aren’t suitable for donation (many organizations have different requirements for what is acceptable for donation), your next best option would be recycling. As an appliance, the materials it is built with can most often be recycled. This can be done most commonly at local eco or transfer stations, or even at your local metal scrap yard. These local options may require a fee, so we do suggest you contact your local recycler for more information.

How to dispose of a refrigerator for free?

Looking to get rid of your fridge on a tight budget, or no budget at all? This can often be a very difficult task. Because most older fridges are built to use freon as a refrigerant, it can be time-consuming and/or costly to properly recycle these items. Freon is a gas that when released into the atmosphere, can be very detrimental to our environment. This is why, if you have a local non-profit or charitable organization who accepts large appliances as donations, this would be your best option for getting rid of a fridge.

Otherwise, to properly dispose of a fridge, the freon gas must properly be removed and disposed of. This can often be done by local contractors who can safely remove the gas. Once the gas is removed, most scrap metal recyclers can take the fridge off your hands. If you would prefer more of a one-stop-shop, most eco or transfer stations can arrange for all of this to be done, however, they do charge a fee for the service.

Where to dispose of air conditioners?

Air conditioners are another difficult to dispose of appliance. Depending on the gas used to cool the air in the machine, this may limit who would take the unit off your hands. We recommend contacting your local non-profit or charities to inquire if it is an acceptable item for donation. If not, then your other options would be to deliver it to an eco or transfer station, or to a local metal scrap yard. These options may be available alongside a fee for the service depending on your local service providers.

For easy appliance removal without the hassles of doing it yourself, call us toll-free at 1-844-586-5446 or contact us.