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Is your old couch a little past its prime? Maybe like many other “well loved” couches, its lost its spring and has a perfect indent from where you pet likes to sit. Perhaps your couch is gently used and simply looking to find a new home? It might be time to arrange for a couch removal!

Whatever your situation, Junk 4 Good is here to help. Our team has the knowledge and skills to safely remove your old couch from your home without you having to lift a finger. Plus, our teams will work to recycle and donate your old couch with one of our local partners, when possible.

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Junk 4 Good is your best bet for your next couch removal!

  • Up-front and transparent pricing.
  • Free on-site estimates, with no obligations.
  • Full service removal, let us do all the heavy lifting!
  • We can remove nearly anything two people can carry.
  • Junk 4 Good recycles and donates whenever possible!

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What are my couch removal options?

At Junk 4 Good, we believe that you should know your options when it comes to couch disposal. When you’re ready to have your old couch removed, your options are:

  1. Reach out to local charities and non-profits. Working with their staff, you can work to determine whether your couch may be a suitable donation. Organizations like Find and Goodwill are able to assist with couch and other furniture donations.
  2. Speak with your local municipality to see if they offer a large item pick-up. Some cities will allow you to leave items like couches on the curb in front of your home once or twice a year for pick up. Others may not offer pick up, but might provide a Big Bin Event where you can get rid of your couch in a central convenient location.
  3. If you’re not able to move the couch on your own, contact a junk removal company like Junk 4 Good. Junk 4 Good will work together with you to help determine if the couch is a suitable donation. If it isn’t fit for donation, Junk 4 Good can assist with recycling or disposing of your old couch. Our goal is to make the process hands-off for you, we will do all the hard work and heavy lifting!

Junk 4 Good team removing a couch from a customers home.

Can I donate my couch?

In Junk 4 Good’s experience, old couches are one of the most commonly donated items and donation centres are often open to receiving more. We receive many calls and booking requests from customers to help them to find their couch a new home. However, not every couch is a good candidate for donation, but don’t worry, Junk 4 Good can remove your couch regardless!

What makes an old couch a good donation?

When Junk 4 Good assists our customers to see if their couch can be donated, we look at specific details. First of all, we will look at the general condition of the couch. A couch must be “gently used” and free from rips, tears and stains in order to be donated. This is typically because most donation centres will re-sell couches to generate finances for their programming. It also must have all of its cushions and pieces with it (eg. the feet or all pieces of a sectional are included).

Our team will also look to see if the couch is a hide-a-bed or sleeper sofa. Unfortunately, many organizations won’t accept these items as they fall into a “bedding” category and often they will steer away from items that people may have slept on.

Additionally, we will inspect for signs of pests and wear from animals (animal urine, excessive animal hair, etc.)

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For couch disposal and removal of other furniture, Junk 4 Good will make your next removal a breeze. With appointments as soon as the same day or next day and the ability to book online, our team will work hard to make your couch disappear!

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