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Tires are one of the most common items that collect in a garage, especially in a city like Edmonton, which requires you to have multiple sets throughout the year. It sometimes seems easier to simply stack them in a corner than to wrestle them into your trunk or back seat and then properly dispose of them. Whether you’re a backyard mechanic with a few extra sets kicking around from your last changeover, or you haven’t gotten rid of your last year’s tires, Junk 4 Good is here to help. So if you’re reading this, take this as your sign that you shouldn’t wait any longer, get those tires out of your way. But be sure when you’re ready to get rid of them, you do so properly and send them for recycling!

Tire pick up, recycling and disposal in the greater Edmonton area.


There are a few ways that you can get rid of tires in Edmonton,  however, there is only one place that the tires ultimately belong, at the recycling facility.

Eco Station & Transfer Stations

Within Edmonton, the City has placed four conveniently located Eco Station collection facilities in different areas. These facilities are intended for Edmontonians who are looking to drop items off themselves. Within the greater Edmonton Area, there are more transfer station locations that you can access the same. These facilities typically charge minimal fees in relation to how much and what types of items you’re dropping off. These stations can, however, be inconvenient if you don’t have an appropriate vehicle to transport items or the physical motivation to fight with heavy and awkward tires.

Junk Removal

Junk removal is, without question, the most convenient solution for tire recycling. Regardless of your location in the city or the location of the tires, Junk 4 Good can dispatch a team to do all the heavy lifting. With Junk 4 Good, tire disposal is as easy as the point of a finger. Our teams have the ability and knowledge to load, transport and properly recycle your old tires. So don’t stress about dirtying up the back seat of your vehicle or putting your back out while disposing of your old tires, give Junk 4 Good a call to have it taken care of!

What are recycled tires turned into?

When tires are collected for recycling in Alberta, they are transported to a central recycling facility and can be repurposed in a number of different formats and uses. All tires are processed through a shredder, the final stage for half of the scrap processed each year. The other half will be processed an additional time to become crumb rubber, removing the steel and fibre components.

Recycled tires can be re-used as:

  • Tire-derived aggregate (used to replace expensive washed rock in landfills and construction)
  • Playground surfaces and safety equipment
  • Synthetic sports fields
  • Sidewalk blocks
  • Agricultural matting
  • Roofing tiles
  • Landscaping mulch
  • Rubber mulch 

Tires that aren’t reused in these above formats are also an excellent candidate to be used as an alternative fuel source.

Tire Disposal and Recycling FAQs

Where to dispose of tires on rims?

Tires that are still on rims can be recycled just as loose tires at most collection facilities. Be sure to check the facility you plan on visiting to ensure it is able to accept tires that are still mounted on rims.

Can bicycle tires be recycled?

Yes, bicycle tires can be recycled along with car tires. Depending on your local transfer station, these tires may be collected separately from vehicle tires.

How many tires are recycled each year?

Each year more than 5 million tires are collected for recycling in Alberta, making it a leader within Canada for tire recycling. By recycling your old tires, you’re decreasing the amount of tires in landfills. 

Where to drop off tires for recycling?

The best location to drop tires off in Edmonton is one of the four Eco Stations or the EWMC.

When you’re ready to free some space in your garage by sending your old tires to a recycling program in Edmonton, we’re happy to pick them up for you! 

Check out our Booking Estimates or give us a call at 780-761-9636, and let us do the heavy lifting.