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Do you have old furniture piling up around your home, taking up space in your basement and garage? Look no further, Junk 4 Good Calgary can bring relief to your stressful scenario. Our junk removal company’s goal is to make your furniture removal and disposal easy and affordable, all while doing all the heavy lifting. You won’t even have to lift a finger! 

So rather than arranging a vehicle, calling friends to help and breaking your back, simply make the safe call. When it comes time to arrange for old furniture disposal, just give Junk 4 Good a call to make it disappear.

No-Contact Old Furniture Pickup

Want to make sure you keep socially distanced during your old furniture pickup? Take advantage of our curbside pick-up to receive 10% off or our regular rates. Simply place your items in a location where our truck can back up to them. Common areas include the curbside, a driveway or back alley. Your safety is our greatest concern! Our furniture removal service can help!

Furniture Removal Calgary Made Easy!

  1. Simply book online or give us a call locally at 403-234-4080, or toll-free 1-844-JUNK-4-GOOD to arrange an appointment!
  2. Our team will call before they arrive and once on-site will offer an up-front free estimate.
  3. Let our team do all the hard work. Sit back and watch your old furniture vanish.

Junk 4 Good Calgary furniture removal, recycling and donations.

What types of old furniture do we remove?

Junk 4 Good can remove any furniture item and amount of junk that two people can carry. These items are often;


Furniture Recycling Calgary

Junk 4 Good makes all efforts to take as little as possible to the landfill. By diverting gently used furniture that can be recycled from the landfill, we work to reduce our environmental footprint. To arrange your furniture recycling, simply give us a call or book online in just a few clicks. Our teams will handle all the lifting, loading, transportation and recycling. As a not-for-profit social enterprise, we work hard to recycle and reuse items like mattresses, couches, tables and chairs.

Junk 4 Good Calgary picks up old furniture and recycles and donates unwanted junk items.


Donating Furniture in Calgary

Are your old items gently used and suitable for furniture donation? Let us help! We can safely load your items and transport them to one of our local non-profit partners.

Furniture donation shouldn’t have to be stressful, especially when you’re looking to help those less fortunate. Allow us to make it simple. For furniture recycling Calgary, just give us a call and allow us to make the process easy.


Commonly Asked Questions

How to dispose of bed bug furniture?

One thing that we've learned in this line of work – bed bugs aren't picky about who they bug (no pun intended). When removing bed bug items, it’s always best to protect yourself and your surroundings.

Properly contain each furniture item in the contaminated location before removal to prevent further spread. You can do this with large garbage or furniture bags and tape. We also recommend wearing a disposable cover all such as a painting suit to protect yourself and clothing.

How to dispose of broken furniture?

Once your old furniture items have reached the end of their life, sometimes it becomes difficult to recycle or donate these items. When your furniture has broken, old furniture disposal becomes your only option. Junk 4 Good Calgary can arrange a team to arrive at your home to have your furniture picked up. Pickup and removal of your broken furniture is effortless!

What is the best way to get rid of old furniture?

Getting rid of your old furniture in Calgary can be a big task. If you have the means and the effort to take care of it yourself you have a few options. You can access one of the City of Calgary’s Throw ‘n’ Go facilities. At these locations you can dispose of some items for free and others for a charge. Other items can be donated to local charities throughout Calgary.

Can you recycle furniture?

Furniture recycling in Calgary can be a complicated task as most furniture uses multiple types of fabric and other materials. This makes it difficult to properly separate and recycle these materials. Fortunately, mattress recycling has become a common practice and is available in Calgary.

For other common furniture types, the best alternative to landfilling is to donate. Many types of furniture can find life being reused through local charities.

If you want a hands-off furniture recycling and donation experience, just call Junk 4 Good. See what a great job our customers say we’re doing!

Contact our Calgary junk removal location today for great service, and all of your furniture removal and recycling needs!

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