Planning For Your Couch Disposal

Arranging your upcoming couch disposal doesn’t have to be a stressful or difficult process for you! Between researching your local options and contacting different companies for scheduling & pricing, it can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry, when you’re ready to get rid of your couch Edmonton, Junk 4 Good is here to help!

Couch Disposal in Edmonton

A couch can often play such a vital and important role in our homes on a daily basis, but we don’t always realize it. They can play a part in bringing friends and family together, sit in the background when creating core memories and can support us after a long day. But, the reality is that they only last for so long. So when the time comes to replace your old couch with a new one, what are your options to get rid of your old couch?

Depending on your location, the most common choices for couch removal are:

  1. Furniture donation
  2. Selling your old couch
  3. Couch disposal

Junk 4 Good team members helping a customer with couch disposal in Edmonton.

Couch Donation

Furniture donation is a great removal option when your old couch is gently used and could be re-used by someone else. Not only does donating keep old furniture out of the landfill, but it can also help others who can’t afford to purchase brand new, are budget conscious or are looking for an older, sometimes vintage look. Through a simple google search, you can find furniture donation pick-up organizations near you!

Selling Your Old Couch

If your couch is still in great shape and you’d still like to get some value out of it, selling your old couch could be a great option for you. Utilizing local market places like Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji and Karrot Market, you’re able to list your couch for sale and allow others to view, ask questions, make offers and potentially purchase it from you.

When you’re selling items online, always be sure that you’re selling safely.

Couch Disposal

Arranging a couch disposal can often be your most convenient option for removal. Working with a removal company can offer you rapid response times (often same day or next day pick ups), “white glove” services and fair pricing based on the items you have for removal.

When working with an organization like Junk 4 Good, not only will our team make your couch disposal experience a breeze, we will take care of all the hard work for you. Our trained team will arrive on-site and offer you an up-front, zero obligation estimate. This means before any work begins, you will know the cost of your couch disposal and can then make an informed decision. Once given the go-ahead, the Junk 4 Good team will get to work, doing all the heavy lifting, loading and transporting to the appropriate recycling or disposal facility. Allow us to give you peace of mind with our full service junk removal!

Couch Disposal – FAQ’s

Is it free to donate a couch?

Donating an old couch can often be a free of charge service, however it may not be the most convenient option out there. Many organizations who accept and/or pick up donations to sell themselves, often offer this service for free. If you need a quicker solution, call Junk 4 Good! We charge a nominal fee to remove your items and donate them and it can often happen the same day or next day.

What does it cost to dispose of a couch?

With Junk 4 Good, the price to dispose of a couch is directly related to its size. With our volume based pricing, you’re only charges for the space your item(s) take up in our truck. So whether you have a love seat or a full sectional, the price can fluctuate, often starting around $114.

Can I donate a couch with minor damage?

No, most donation centres wont accept items with damage. However, depending on your location, there may be organizations that may repair, reupholster or patch furniture. Most often, organizations will look to re-sell donations to generate funding for their programs. This will often require furniture to be in “gently used” condition. Be sure to be upfront with the condition when inquiring with donation centres.

How to get rid of a couch on a budget?

If you’re looking to dispose of a couch on a budget, there are a few options available to you. If you a vehicle to move the couch with, then you can always look at dropping it off at a landfill or eco station. Eco stations are typically the most convenient to access, however depending on where you live you might have closer access to a landfill.

If you don’t have transportation to move the couch yourself, you can take advantage of Junk 4 Good’s curbside pick-up. With a curbside pick-up, you can move the couch to the curb (or anywhere our truck can pull up along side and easily load in) and our team can arrive and simply load the couch into the truck. Because you’ve already done a portion of the work removing the couch from your house, we can offer a 10% discount on our regular pricing. Great teamwork!