Bin Rental vs Junk Removal: Which is Better?

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Deciding between junk removal services and a dumpster rental can be challenging if you haven’t experienced both services. Both options can have their upside depending on your specific scenario and what you want to dispose of. When seeking disposal services, you should consider cost, timeline, allowable and restricted items, permits, and illegal dumping. So, when […]

When to Recycle Carpet?

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Can You Recycle Carpet and When Should You? Estimates showed that in 2020, over 50% of homes in North America had carpet installed, and that each year, over 4 billion pounds of carpet gets sent to the landfill. With an average life cycle of residential carpet being around 10 years and commercial around 7 years, […]

How Can Concrete Be Recycled?

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Can concrete be recycled? Have you ever spent countless hours up at night, staring at the ceiling, thinking about concrete recycling? Don’t worry, neither do we. But when you have a crumbling driveway, re-doing plumbing in your basement or maybe an old concrete patio that has come to the end of its life, you may […]

How to Remove Junk from Your Home

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Get this junk out of my house! We know the feeling, the stress and worry that’s involved when you have junk piling up in your home, with the grief of trying to figure out how to remove that junk from your home while on a budget. This can often feel overwhelming, trying to organize friends […]

How Does Junk 4 Good Give Back?

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Junk 4 Good loves Edmonton! At the core of who we are, Junk 4 Good was born out of a need to help our local community. The charity which it was born out of, the Jasper Place Wellness Centre (JPWC), was started in 2006 by Edmontonians looking to make a difference. This desire to impact […]

The Best Times to Get Rid of Junk

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When should I get my junk removed? Each year, we speak with hundreds of customers who ask us, “When is the best time for me to hire junk removal services?” In reality, the “best” time to have your household junk removal happen depends on several variables. These changes may allow you more convenient booking availability, […]