Best Practices for Recycling Electronics in Edmonton, Alberta

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Recycling electronic devices is a rapidly growing and evolving industry, with around 50-60 million tons generated each year. E-waste refers to any discarded electronic device or component, ranging from smartphones and laptops to kitchen appliances and televisions. The rate the we create new electronics and dispose of old ones makes e-waste the fastest growing waste […]

How to Remove Junk from Your Home

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Get this junk out of my house! We know the feeling, the stress and worry that’s involved when you have junk piling up in your home, with the grief of trying to figure out how to remove that junk from your home while on a budget. This can often feel overwhelming, trying to organize friends […]

Don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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5 steps to dealing with bed bugs in Edmonton When I think back to when I was a child, I remember hearing the saying “sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”. Looking back, I remember thinking this was just a cute little saying parents said to their kids, with an almost nursery rhyme feel to it. […]

Declutter Your Home – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

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At Junk 4 Good, we find that junk removal services and decluttering your home can go hand in hand. You might be asking yourself, where do I begin? How can I make the time to organize, throw-away and donate my unwanted clutter? Below are some recommendations from pro-organizers to lead to a clutter less, simplified life: Where […]