No Contact Curbside Pick Up – 10% Off

Curbside pick up has never been easier!

Junk 4 Good’s curbside pick up is now easier and more affordable than ever. Take advantage of our 10% discount on our regular rates when you are able to place your items in a location where our teams can closely back up our trucks to. Let our team do all the loading and take care of all the disposal and recycling, you just point to the items you want removed.

Our curbside pick up service is the best way to respond to any junk removal or recycling you may have, while adhering to all the recent physical distancing recommendations. Your safety and satisfaction is our greatest concern. So don’t let those indoor or outdoor junk items or yard waste pile up around your house any longer, causing any undue stress. Relief is here!

Contactless Payment Curbside Pick Up Edmonton

How does contactless, curbside junk pick up work?

Step 1: Booking and Item Placement

Easily book an appointment online or give us a call to schedule your removal and let us know that you would like to arrange for a contactless curbside pick up. We will note all the pertinent details to prepare our staff for your curbside pick up and respond accordingly. Simply move the items for removal to the specified location the day of or night before. (Some items can be outside for longer, however for certain items it helps if they are dry at the time of arrival). Items can be located in any place where our trucks can immediately back up to such as a pile at the entrance to a garage, on a driveway, in an alley, etc.

Step 2: Estimations and Curbside Pick Up

Our staff will contact you to provide an ETA when they are on their way to your location. Upon arrival, our teams can speak with you at a distance (no hand shakes required), or if you would prefer, a phone call also works! Our team can take a look at the items for removal and provide you with an absolutely free, no-obligation price estimate. If you are happy with the price, just give our team the thumbs up and they can start work right on the spot. Our teams are prepared to handle all sorts of work, including curbside large item pickup, curbside furniture pickup and even curbside recycling, as long as two staff can pick it up and load it, we can remove it!

Step 3: Contactless Payment

Once the items are safely loaded into our truck, we can receive your contactless payment for the curbside pickup. We will have our office contact you while our teams are on site (or you can give our friendly staff a call) and we can process your credit card payment securely over the phone. Contactless payment for a curbside pickup is a service that we authorize very few staff to do, which is why our teams on site will not be able to process payment while at a distance. This is a step that we take very seriously, your information and security is of the utmost importance when dealing with contactless payment options.

Step 4: Wave Goodbye to Your Junk!

Once the payment for your curbside pickup has been received, our office staff will promptly email you a copy of your receipt. Finally, our staff will wave their goodbyes to you our valued customer and you can wave goodbye to your former junk, knowing that you’ve now become a local hero by investing into your local community. It’s that easy!

What can we remove?

When you call on our teams for your next curbside pick up, we can remove anything that two staff can lift. This commonly includes;

Contact us today to schedule your easy and hands off curbside pick up!

Curbside pick up frequently asked questions

What is curbside pick up?

Curbside pick up is a service Junk 4 Good offers where our customer does a portion of the work of relocating their items for removal in a single accessible location. For the work you put in, we offer a 10% discount from our regular rates. Our truck will back up directly to the items and quickly load them into our truck, making them disappear from your property. Really, its that easy!

How to remove junk from home?

When you are looking to have junk items removed from your home, look no further than Junk 4 Good. Take advantage of our curbside pick up to keep physical distance and get an awesome discount. Simply carry the items to a truck-accessible location by yourself or with a friend (remember to lift with your knees, not your back!). Because you have done a big part of the work (typically provided by our full service junk removal), we will reduce our prices by 10%. This not only helps our teams get onto our next job faster, it also removes the need for our team to enter your home, providing you with a contactless curbside pick up.

Can I combine a 10% curbside and 10% seniors discount?

Currently only one discount is available for each removal, of which the greatest applicable discount will be applied.