How Does Junk 4 Good Give Back?

Junk 4 Good loves Edmonton!

At the core of who we are, Junk 4 Good was born out of a need to help our local community. The charity which it was born out of, the Jasper Place Wellness Centre (JPWC), was started in 2006 by Edmontonians looking to make a difference. This desire to impact our city has only grown throughout the years and in 2011, Redemptive Developments and Junk 4 Good were born. The JPWC was integral in piloting the Housing First program in Alberta. In 2008 the JPWC partnered with the Alberta Government to strategize a new way to solve homelessness, enter Housing First. The Housing First program has seen some amazing results since beginning in 2008 and has been a part of housing hundreds of individuals and families as they transition out of homelessness. While facilitating this program, staff identified that there was a massive need for employment programs to assist the housing clients into reintegrating into the work force. Additionally, it became very clear that as some of the clients began working on mental and physical health ailments, the need for meaningful daily activity became a much highlighted issue. Redemptive Developments was the JPWC’s response to these needs and Junk 4 Good became its first social enterprise.

How does removing my junk from my house help?

Believe it or not, using Junk 4 Good Edmonton’s not-for-profit removal services helps in several ways! When you select us as your chosen junk removal company, you are making the choice to do some good right here, in your local community. As a registered not-for-profit organization, Junk 4 Good is committed (as well as accountable to the province of Alberta) to re-investing all proceeds back into its programming. This means that there isn’t and won’t ever be one single person or ownership group who personally profits. When you hire Junk 4 Good, you are supporting local job creating for deserving individuals. In fact, Junk 4 Good (and Redemptive Developments) re-invests over $1,000,000 back into the community each year! Throughout the whole not-for-profit organization there are over 30 full time jobs that have been created and over 200 women and men employed, all thanks to you!! Junk 4 Good also strives to pay a “living wage” opposed to simply paying a “minimum wage”. We believe that when our team members flourish, so does our community. So next time you are in need of junk removal services in Edmonton, give us a call first, you won’t regret it!

A junk removal company in Edmonton who donates and recycles

Junk 4 Good’s Environmental Commitment

As an Edmonton based not-for-profit organization, we are committed to seeing our community thrive which includes our environment. One of our greatest concerns when dealing with Edmonton junk removals is how it will impact our land. With this in mind, our removal teams will always ensure waste materials will be dealt with in the most responsible way possible to us. When our Junk 4 Good teams are working hard on jobs, they are always considering the best ways to strategically load our trucks. This includes separating all metal items, chemicals, paints, electronics and even mattresses when we arrive at the landfill or transfer stations. It is our goal to see as much as 60% of the waste from each job diverted away from the landfill. This also includes our commitment to donating any gently used (sometimes even new) items to local charities and non-profits. Junk 4 Good works with several local non-profit organizations and charities who are in dire need of donation to serve their clients who are in need. Common items which we are able to donate are gently used furniture items, bags of clothing, canned goods and more! Each year Junk 4 Good is able to see over 3,000,000 lbs. of “junk” recycled and donated.

This year, Junk 4 Good (Redemptive Developments) proudly played a large part of the nomination and ultimately the receipt of an Emerald Award. This prestigious environmental award which honours Alberta based organizations who are doing great works in the province, is presented by the Alberta Emerald Foundation. We were very fortunate to be nominated and chosen by a committee of our peers who believe in and support what we do!

Junk 4 Good offers you our customer an amazing way to put your hard earned dollars to use. Each time you hire our Edmonton junk removal services, you are doing some amazing and much needed work in our local community. You’re the real hero of this story!

Learn how Junk 4 Good gives back to the local community

It’s more than just “junk removal” in Edmonton.

Every day, we feel honoured to be able to do what we do. Albeit, junk removal is hard work, it is rewarding in many ways. When you call Junk 4 Good as your Edmonton junk removal provider, it’s bigger than just hiring us. The impact you have through that simple decision ripples through our not-for-profit organization as well as into our charity, the Jasper Place Wellness Centre. The fees which we collect when you choose to use Junk 4 Good in Edmonton as your junk removal provider, go to support many local initiatives.

These services include our housing programs, supporting individuals as they venture into housing independence as well as our local education programs. These education programs assist in teaching individuals things like basic computer skills, grief counselling, life skills coaching, literacy workshops, mental health support, parenting support/groups, income tax clinics, assistance in filling out complicated forms and even more! Other services through our food collaborative, Food4Good offer our local community healthy, sustainable food. Additionally, local community kitchens offer affordable access to good food and provide amazing educational events. Lastly, our charity also offers access to compassionate and understanding, professional health care through our community health centre.

Its more than just junk removal in Edmonton

We appreciate your junk removal business!

Your choice to use Junk 4 Good as your junk removal service provider in Edmonton has a lasting impact on our local community. It is our goal to offer you the highest quality, professional junk removal services at an affordable price, all at your convenience. It is our commitment that we will responsibly re-invest and use 100% of the proceeds to directly benefit the immediate community. Lastly we assure our customers that we will be environmentally responsible whenever and however we possibly can.

Your business means a lot to us and even a greater amount to community members in need. Thank you for considering our not-for-profit junk removal service, we appreciate you!

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