Bin Rental vs Junk Removal: Which is Better?

Deciding between junk removal services and a dumpster rental can be challenging if you haven’t experienced both services. Both options can have their upside depending on your specific scenario and what you want to dispose of. When seeking disposal services, you should consider cost, timeline, allowable and restricted items, permits, and illegal dumping. So, when the time comes, which garbage disposal service is best for you?

What is the cost of a bin rental and junk removal?

Does junk removal cost more than a bin rental in Edmonton? It can be challenging to compare the pricing of the two because they are such different services. Bin rentals are more of a “do-it-yourself” option, where a company provides you with a container, and you must load it yourself. Junk removal is quite the opposite; you point to the items you want removed, and a team does all the hard work for you.

When you start looking online or calling around for pricing, on the surface, a bin rental may appear less expensive than junk removal. This is often the case because of how the two services are charged. The pricing for a junk bin rental is often standardized for the specific size of the container to be rented for a period of time. 

This can be deceptive, however, as dumpster rentals can come with hidden or unknown fees that aren’t revealed until the truck visits the dump. Many companies charge additional fees for appliances, tires, paints and household chemicals, mattresses and, heavy materials like concrete, dirt and sod. 

This is very different from junk removal, where a price is provided up-front for the total amount of items you want to dispose of. With Junk 4 Good, the competitive price includes all weight and fees for recycling that may apply and best of all, there is no obligation to hire the service even after an estimate is provided.

Ultimately, the cheaper option between junk removal and bin rental services will be determined by the type and quantity of items you want removed. If price transparency is what you’re looking for, junk removal is clearly the best option.

How long does each take?

If you want to dispose of your items quickly, junk removal is your best choice. The average junk removal appointment can be completed in a few hours or less. This happens so efficiently because a team of removal experts arrives ready to work, equipped with the knowledge of handling all types of items.

Depending on the length of time you rent a dumpster, you can load your items into the container at your leisure. Rentals often occur over a 1-30-day period; however, one risk you may take with longer rentals is illegal dumping. 

Unfortunately, we hear constantly about people dumping items off beside a bin to avoid paying disposal fees. These items can be challenging to dispose of or require additional recycling fees and are often not allowed in dumpster rentals. Junk 4 Good often ends up providing removal services to dispose of these types of items, even once a customer has already paid for a bin rental.

What can junk removal take that a garbage bin rental can’t?

One main benefit that makes junk removal a better choice is the types of items that can be disposed of compared to a bin rental. Because a team of professionals handles junk removal, they will load the vehicle using their knowledge of what can be recycled and sort the items accordingly. 

This is a challenge for bin rentals because the company relies on the customer to load the container. When the driver takes the bin to the dump, if they discover any restricted items, they may have to dig them out of the pile of debris. Not only can this be a lot of work and take additional time, but these companies may not be adequately insured to have their staff doing this work.

Items that junk removal can take that may be restricted in a bin rental;

Is space or access limited at your home? Junk removal utilizes compact trucks that can access any area a regular car can. A bin delivery requires significantly more space to unload and load the container onto the truck. No driveway space, no problem. Junk 4 Good’s trucks can simply park on the road to load the items into the vehicle. 

Without space on your property for a bin rental, you may require special permits from your municipality to leave a container on a public road. Lastly, junk removal remains the best environmental option, ensuring that all items that can be recycled are from each load.


Junk removal staff cleaning up after junk removal.

What Does Professional Junk Removal Offer?

Simply put, junk removal offers you relief. Junk 4 Good’s junk removal is a full-service, hands-off experience for each customer. With a quick call or a few clicks online, an appointment can easily be arranged. Once on-site, just point Junk 4 Good’s team to the items for waste disposal and allow them to offer you a no-obligation estimate.

Once the work begins, our customers can relax knowing that our teams will load the items with care and knowledge. Teams will sort items intentionally to recycle and donate whatever is possible. Leave the hard work to the pros and you don’t need to lift a finger!

Lastly, with Junk 4 Good’s professional junk removal comes speedy relief. For the average customer, most work can be completed on the same day of the booking. We aim to make the process effortless and non-intrusive, in and out quickly, bringing freedom from clutter!

Other ways to get rid of your junk

Are junk removal and bin rentals the only options when getting rid of junk? The short answer is no. There are other options available to you that might suit your specific removal.

  1. Disposal Bags – Some local and international companies may offer a disposal bag. These are similar to disposable bin rentals; however, they have their limitations. Similar restrictions around items would apply to these, just like dumpster rentals; however, you are even more restricted by weight.

    These bags can be tricky when loading, knowing how much weight they will hold. Additionally, read the fine print regarding pick-up and what happens if the bag is overfilled.
  1. Eco Station/Dumps – These facilities are located throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas and allow residents to dispose of and recycle many items. These facilities can be convenient and accept most items that you may have at your home; however; they require that you transport and haul all of the items yourself. Once at the facility, the staff cannot assist you other than directing you where the items go.
  1. Garage Sale – A fun memory for some, a stressful nightmare for others. Garage sales can be a great way to narrow down the number of items you have at home. However, it is rare that you can get rid of everything through a garage sale, and it will most likely leave you still needing to get rid of some items.
  1. Donation – Donations are an essential aspect of a healthy economy. Secondhand goods provide a valuable resource to those who can’t afford to purchase new, those who seek vintage or antique items and those who wish to utilize existing items rather than buy new items. Some secondhand organizations may offer pick up for items, often larger furniture items. However, they do have limitations to the items which they can accept.

Is junk removal better than a dumpster rental?

If you are looking for the most convenient, price-transparent, all-inclusive, environmentally conscious, recycle-minded, hands-off service with the quickest turnaround, yes, junk removal is the service for you!  The better decision is ultimately yours and unique to your situation.

If you still have any questions, please call us at 780-761-9636 and our customer service team will be happy to assist you!