Bin Rental vs Junk Removal: Which is Better?

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Deciding between junk removal services and a dumpster rental can be challenging if you haven’t experienced both services. Both options can have their upside depending on your specific scenario and what you want to dispose of. When seeking disposal services, you should consider cost, timeline, allowable and restricted items, permits, and illegal dumping. So, when […]

How to Remove Mold From Rubber Seal on Washing Machine

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Removing mold from the rubber seal on your washing machine can surprisingly become a common occurrence. Whether you have a front load clothes washer, or a top load washing machine, mold can begin to form anywhere there is prolonged periods of moisture. Left unresolved, this can become a big problem. Not only can it leave […]

What Can I Do With My Old Refrigerator

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How do I get rid of my old refrigerator? Getting rid of your old fridge doesn’t have to be an overwhelming and stressful process. There are several options of what you can do with your fridge, however you must be sure to follow local regulations and laws. First and foremost, plan to remove your refrigerator […]

How to Remove Junk from Your Home

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Get this junk out of my house! We know the feeling, the stress and worry that’s involved when you have junk piling up in your home, with the grief of trying to figure out how to remove that junk from your home while on a budget. This can often feel overwhelming, trying to organize friends […]

Your Local Junk Recycler in Edmonton – Junk 4 Good

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Junk 4 Good loves to recycle in Edmonton! You would be amazed at how much of what you throw away can be recycled! Did you know that Junk 4 Good goes out of our way to make sure your junk is recycled locally when possible? So when you’re thinking to yourself, “Who will recycle my […]