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Scrap Metal We Remove

If you require residential scrap metal pick-up services, Junk 4 Good is here to help! Let Junk 4 Good’s expert team assist you in knowing how to sort, process and recycle your scrap metal. When dealing with different types of scrap metal, knowing how the end recycler handles and requires all the materials to be delivered is essential. Additionally, as many local metal recyclers are in the Edmonton area, knowing which locations will accept what types of items is important. 

 Here’s a list of the metals included in our scrap metal removal services.

Scrap metal recycling waiting for pick up.

Scrap Metal Recycling

Scrap metal appliances are the perfect example of the challenges when arranging to recycle. Appliances as a whole are often considered to be “white metals.” This designation is given to appliances that use thinner tin in construction and usually are worth less than other types of scrap metal. Some scrap yards will only accept certain types of appliances for their scrap metal services. For example, appliances that require refrigerant are commonly not accepted at many scrap yards, this is due to the refrigerant itself. 

Many appliances like fridges, freezers, air conditioners, and others that are used to provide a cooling function often have a gas inside the unit that is used in the cooling process. The gas that is contained inside these appliances is often awful for the environment when released into the air. This causes a challenge for metal recyclers as the metal needs to be processed before recycling, which commonly means that it will be crushed, shredded and pulled apart.

With Junk 4 Good’s scrap metal removal services, your items will find a new life after melting and forming into newly manufactured materials. Rebar is one of the materials that is created and is necessary when building concrete structures (driveways, sidewalks, etc). Steel products such as “flat bar,” steel bars and “rod stock” are used in construction and manufacturing.

Where To Recycle Scrap Metal Near Me

When looking for scrap metal recycling in the greater Edmonton area, there are a few good options for you to choose from. If you prioritize convenience, you can locate and travel to the nearest Eco Station.

You can also travel to one of the commercial scrap recycling sites located around Edmonton. If you’re located near West Edmonton, you may want to visit General Scrap to deliver your scrap metal. Another excellent scrap metal recycler located in East Edmonton is Maple Leaf Metals. To find recycling facilities near you, visit the Recycle Search website. 

What to Expect as a First-time Scrapper

These scrap yards may appear daunting for the first-time scrapper; however, the process of dropping your items off will typically be the same. First off, be sure to pop into the office to make sure they can direct you where to go. They will likely have you drive over a scale on the way in and again once you’ve unloaded your items to know the weight of the things you’ve dropped off. 

Once you’ve driven to the appropriate location in their yard, be sure to weigh them on the way out and collect any payment they have for the items you’ve dropped off.

Of course, wrestling your old scrap metal from your home or workplace into a vehicle and to a scrap yard can be challenging. Considering your safety and avoiding damage to your vehicle should be paramount when arranging for scrap metal removal. If you need residential scrap metal pickup, call us at 780-761-9636 or book online to receive excellent junk removal service in the greater Edmonton area!

Scrap Metal Removal FAQ’s

How much is scrap metal recycling?

Depending on the metal you want to get rid of, recycling scrap metal may not cost you, it may pay you! Be sure to check with your recycler to see what items they may buy from you and which may cost to drop off. Some recyclers may charge for some appliances with freon as they require proper removal before recycling.

What’s considered scrap metal?

Scrap metal comes in all shapes, sizes and compositions. Scrap metal could be old household appliances, old tools, car batteries, car parts, old siding or even your old tin shed. Anything that is primarily built out of common metals (steel, aluminum, copper, brass, tin, etc.) could be considered scrap metal.

Are golf clubs considered scrap metal?

Golf club technology has dramatically advanced with new and innovative materials being used. Depending on the material your golf clubs are made of, they may be considered scrap metal. If your clubs are made of metals such as steel, titanium or graphite, they may be acceptable for scrap depending on your local scrap yard. However, if your clubs are built using carbon fibre or wood, these items would not be suitable for scrap.

Can I put scrap metal in a recycling bin?

Depending on your local municipality, this may be an option; however, most recycling programs are limited to items such as paper, plastics, glass and tin cans. Be sure to check your local municipality’s website for more information. Some regions offer curbside or large item pick-ups throughout the year that may pick up your scrap metals from your household. Ready to recycle your scrap metal the right way?  Call us  at 1-844-586-5446 to book our services today!