Dumpster Rental Alternative

Renting a Garbage Bin vs. Junk Removal: Know the Difference to Make the Best Choice for You!

Removing junk from your home or business can be hard work and a tiring job for anyone. Organizing, sorting and compiling the items into a central location for disposal can be exhausting! When the time comes, is it best to rent a dumpster or use a dumpster rental alternative? Let’s look at the main differences between dumpster rentals and junk removal services in Edmonton and what might be the best option for you.

A backhoe loading construction debris into a container.

How Much is a Dumpster Rental vs. Junk 4 Good

 Although there are several aspects in common when comparing bin rentals to junk removal, it’s unfortunately not an exact apples-to-apples comparison.

Dumpster Rentals

How much is a dumpster rental? Dumpster rental costs vary, typically ranging from $150 to $800, depending on the dumpster’s size and additional fees. Many companies charge both a rental fee for delivery and an extra fee for the weight of the items you load. Unfortunately, this weight-based pricing can make budgeting challenging as the final cost depends on the actual weight, which is determined when the truck arrives at the landfill.

Bin Rental Alternative – Junk Removal

Junk 4 Good’s full-service junk removal pricing ranges between $114 – $674, and rather than being based on weight, it is determined by how much space your items occupy in the truck. This allows our teams to offer an up-front estimate when they view the items you have for removal. This can be much more budget-friendly when you are seeking to know exactly what a removal project may cost.

When our teams come out to perform junk removal services, we provide and utilize our dollies, gloves, garbage bins and other personal protective equipment when necessary. Our teams are properly insured with liability insurance and WCB and are trained to keep you, our customer, your home and themselves safe. These protections are built into our pricing and allow you comfort in knowing the work is being performed safely and correctly.

Best of all, Junk 4 Good offers a free onsite, no-obligation estimate, so you know what the work will cost beforehand and not after. To us, transparency and customer happiness are the most important!

A great bin rental alternative in Edmonton is Junk 4 Good’s full-service junk removal.

A great bin rental alternative in Edmonton is Junk 4 Good's full service junk removal.

Onsite Dumpster Rental vs. Junk 4 Good

Comparing the two services, what are the main differences between an onsite dumpster rental and an onsite junk removal with Junk 4 Good?

Onsite Dumpster Rental

When you hire dumpster rental services, the company will commonly give you a delivery window of time that they will drop it off between. One of the greatest considerations you will have is where you would like the bin rental to be dropped. Depending on the size of the container, you could have them drop it on a driveway, parking stall, lawn or even the street. Depending on your location, to legally place a rental in a public space like a street in front of a house, you may need a permit from your city. You may also want to check that the dumpster is fully visible to vehicles driving by. Use reflective tape, pylons or barriers to protect the container and, more importantly, yourself as you load the bin.

One of the biggest problems we observe with dumpster rentals is how they seem to become a magnet for other people who are looking for free disposal. This goes for both “front load” dumpsters, the kind you may see at an apartment building, and the “roll-off” dumpster, more commonly seen on a construction site. This is a risk you take when renting a dumpster, and unfortunately, unless you have security cameras or catch them in the process, there is little recourse.

When the garbage bin rental arrives, you can begin the hard work of loading your items for disposal. Remember that some companies may have weight limits for the items you can load into the bin. This may limit materials like soil, rocks, sod/grass and concrete. When companies set this limit, it is often because their truck may not be able to lift the container when over that weight, or there may be legal weight restrictions they must consider. If this happens, you must manually unload items until the dumpster can be lifted. Lastly, most companies won’t pick up the dumpster if the items are sticking up past the top of the bin, so it helps to load the container intentionally and distribute the items so you can avoid this.

Junk Removal

Junk 4 Good’s dumpster rental alternative will also offer you an arrival window; however, it will be within a 2-hour window. This window allows us the flexibility to travel to the transfer station in between jobs to empty the truck or maybe even just to complete a prior job that ran long. Our team will always call you when they’re on their way, keeping you posted on our schedule. Once on-site, you can simply show our team the items you’d like to have removed. Our team will offer you an up-front estimate based on the items you’ve shown them and how much space they think it will occupy in the truck. This estimate comes with no obligations. If it’s within your budget, our teams will be prepared to begin work immediately. Otherwise, if it’s outside of your budget, you can let them know, and they can be on their way.

When Junk 4 Good’s truck arrives on-site, they can park wherever is convenient for you. Because the trucks are often more compact and lighter, they can often access areas more easily than the larger bin rental trucks with less risk of damaging concrete or yard surfaces. Front driveways, alley access driveways, yards and parking on the street are all excellent options for loading. Plus, if your items are  located by the curbside, we can offer a 10% discount!

Finally, when the work begins, simply sit back and allow our team to do all the hard work. This is the best part of full-service junk removal: it’s hands-off for you while our teams do all the heavy lifting! Additionally, our teams will deal with all the loading and sorting of items from your home or workplace. Knowing which items require recycling, which have to exit the truck first and which can be donated is critical when removing your items.

The most convenient aspect of hiring Junk 4 Good is how quickly your items disappear. Rather than a dumpster rental over 2-3 days on a weekend, allow our teams to arrive and work to remove the items that same day. Junk removal is a quick and convenient option when looking for disposal.

Pros and Cons of Residential Dumpster Rentals


  • The dumpster rental cost can sometimes be less – this is because you have to do all the hard work vs. full-service junk removal (hands-off for the customer). 
  • Some residential dumpsters have larger capacity – which is beneficial on construction sites
  • Rental over time – if you’d like to slowly chip away at your removal, this could be helpful


  • You are required to do all the loading and hard work with the potential risk of injury
  • Dumpsters being dropped off on your property can damage the surface materials (concrete driveway, grass, etc…)
  • The rental price isn’t guaranteed – depending on how much you load in, there may be hidden  fees and charges for additional weight at the end of the rental
  • Limited on items you can put in the dumpster – the majority of companies will restrict items such as appliances, liquids and electronics because these require special handling
  • Potential liability depends on the location where the dumpster sits, permits may be required
  • Illegal dumping inside or beside your dumpster

Now that you understand your disposal options, you can decide which option is best for you. If you decide that hiring professional help for your waste disposal is the best option, you can call us at 1-844-586-5446 and we’ll be happy to assist you!