Declutter Your Home – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

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At Junk 4 Good, we find that junk removal services and decluttering your home can go hand in hand. You might be asking yourself, where do I begin? How can I make the time to organize, throw-away and donate my unwanted clutter? Below are some recommendations from pro-organizers to lead to a clutter less, simplified life:

Where Do I Begin?

Experts agree that you shouldn’t take on too much at one time. If you set aside an entire day to clean your entire home and garage, you may not make it through it all. You may get discouraged or distracted and feel like you’ve accomplished nothing after hours of back-breaking effort. So how do you simplify it? Try tackling one room at a time, or even simpler, try tackling one cluttered closet or drawer first. The satisfaction of giving those homeless items a place to go, may encourage you to change your habits (or at least organize your sock drawer more than once a year).

Striped red socks hang out of a brown wooden dresser.


What Do I Need?

One mistake people often make is buying organizers, shoe racks, boxes and labels to help organize before beginning to sort. The problem is you may be buying things unnecessarily or prematurely. When you spend the extra money on baskets, where will you put them if they don’t fit in that drawer? This will just add to the clutter you’re trying to get rid of. Try and organize, throw away or donate first and then decide which totes are necessary. These special boxes can be great places to eventually hide clutter. Make sure they have a purpose and be conscious about why you’re buying.

Colorful DIY decorative storage boxes are stacked one on top of the other.

Where Does It All Go Now?

Now that you’ve decided where everything goes (or doesn’t), what do you do with the junk? In comes Junk 4 Good. “We eliminate your unwanted clutter while supporting a local non-profit and creating jobs in Edmonton. Just sit back and allow us to do all the hard work, all while we re-invest the proceeds back into the local community.”

Do you have household furniture or small appliances you’d rather donate? Give Junk 4 Good a call! Let Junk 4 Good handle the pick up and donation of your items, taking them to a great local organization to find new life.

If you’ve got clothes that are in good shape, donate to your local Goodwill and help give back to your community. The best thing you can do is sort out what is to donate, trash or give away and do it, right then and there in your home. If you leave it for another time it may not get done and you’ve just made a new spot for clutter to accumulate.

Try out this great declutter chart!

Using an excellent resource such as a declutter chart can come in very handy!


We all have those areas of our home that we like to hide when company comes to visit or a place to stash unused items that we have forgotten about, but give yourself some peace of mind and jump in, declutter!

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