Helpful tips for hiring a junk removal company in Edmonton

How do I hire a junk removal company?

Hiring a junk removal company and getting your items removed shouldn’t be a complicated process. At Junk 4 Good, we strive to make it easy and simple for you to get your items picked up and removed! Here are some helpful tips for hiring a junk removal company and getting your items removed.

Up-Front Pricing

When shopping around for pricing with different removal companies, be sure to request an up-front price. The most common method of pricing within the junk removal industry is by volume. This means that the company will only charge you for the space the items take up in their truck (often extra fees for dense materials like concrete and soil). Beware of companies who will charge you based purely upon weight or other methods. Many companies will make all attempts to attach additional fees in later on or even falsify weight readings. A reputable junk removal company will be skilled at estimating costs and should be able to provide you a cost prior to beginning the work.


In today’s economy there are new ma and pa junk removal companies popping up every day. Often when hiring these smaller companies, they arrive to your site without proper or ample insurance coverage. This is a danger to you and a potential liability simply having them working on your property. A proper removal company will carry an appropriate amount of liability insurance for their staff and your property, as well as having proper Workers Compensation Board coverage for their employees. Never hesitate to ask for these details, after all it is your hard earned dollars you are spending and you could potentially be putting yourself in further risk or danger.

Environmental and Social Awareness

Most people simply make the assumption that once a junk removal company takes your items away that they are going to be handled and processed appropriately. Unfortunately, this is far from true in many cases. As a customer, is it your right to know how and where your items will be taken for disposal and recycling. Avoid companies who avoid these questions. A reputable junk removal company will be taking your items to a commercial and municipally approved recycling facility or landfill. Many small companies will cut corners and leave items at commercial dumpsters or on rural land. Be environmentally and socially conscious and ask how the items will be processed.

Overall, make sure you do your homework. The extra few phone calls or website visits will be worth it and will almost always improve your junk removal experience. If you have any questions about hiring our junk removal services, please give us a phone call and we would be happy to help and answer any questions you may have.