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It’s Spring Time In Edmonton!

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been loving this weather! With such a beautiful spring in Edmonton, more and more people are getting a head start on their spring cleaning. When you start to clean out your garage, shed or basement, are you aware of the different items you are able to recycle?

From organic waste, to old news papers and bottles, all the way to used oil and paint, these items can be recycled. When these items make their way into the regular garbage steam, it becomes very difficult to be able to sort them out. Often these items will end up being buried in the landfill and could potentially pollute the earth.

So What Should I Do?

The City of Edmonton has made large attempts to make recycling convenient for us! Throughout the City, there are many Eco Stations and Recycling Depots which are easily accessible to residents. They make recycling easy and also offer some great products. If you have a green thumb, you can support a great local recycling initiative called Second Nature, who offers an amazing compost product. These compost bags can be purchased at local retailers throughout the City, as well as at most Eco Stations. We almost forgot, you can also get free paint from most Eco Stations! Paint which has been recycled by other residents is available free of charge. Since 1995, over 350,000 litres of paint have been given away and reused rather than being disposed of!

5 Easy Steps to Plan Your Trip To an Edmonton Eco Station

  1. Check the hours and decide which location is most convenient
  2. Look over the acceptable items list
  3. At arrival let attendant know what items you are dropping off
  4. Based on items they will determine if there is any fee for disposal
  5. The attendant will let you know where to unload your items

Vehicle Size Restrictions

Maximum vehicle size: one tonne
Maximum trailer length: 3 metres

Acceptable Items (Free Drop Off)

  • Paint/Stains: (empty or full cans, including aerosols), thinner, turpentine, varnish
  • Automotive: motor oil, antifreeze, gas, diesel, oil filters, batteries and parts, tires (passenger car and truck tires, motorcycle and ATV tires only),
  • Lighting: all light bulbs*, fluorescent tubes and lighting fixtures
  • Corrosive/poisonous cleaners: bleach, drain, toilet and oven cleaners
  • Lawn and garden: herbicides, pesticides, fertilizer
  • Electronics and appliances: anything with a cord or a battery, computers/TVs (maximum 20 monitors per visit), BBQs, lawnmowers, power tools, stoves, washing machines
  • Clean recyclables: newspaper, metal cans, plastic bags
  • Other: batteries (all kinds), aerosol cans, propane tanks or bottles, fire extinguishers, syringes, glue
  • * Commercial fee for light bulbs: $1 per tube and 50 cents per CFC.


Acceptable Items (Fees Apply)

Item Fee Charged
Small items
(chairs or comparable volume)
$8 each
Large items
(mattress, box spring, sofa or comparable volume)
$12 each
Items requiring CFC removal
(fridge, freezer, air conditioner)
$12 each
Yard waste, loose waste
and mixed loads

  • brush
  • tree trimmings
  • garden waste
  • soil / gravel
  • lumber
  • concrete pieces
  • wood / vinyl siding
  • shingles
  • windows
  • fencing
Partial half-tonne truck load:
$28 each load
Level half-tonne truck load:
$38 each load
Heaping half-tonne truck load:
$48 each load
Cube van or utility trailer load:
subject to viewing*

* Eco Station attendants have final say about the acceptability of items and the charges applied to each load.

Eco Stations DO NOT accept:

  • Commercial hazardous waste
  • Commercial biomedical waste
  • Radioactive waste
  • Pressurized gases
  • The following items should be taken to your community police station. Please call 780-423-4567 first.
  • Explosives
  • Munitions
  • Fireworks

Recycling Depots

Recycling depots are an easy way for residents or business owners to recycle items 24/7.

Recycling Depots accept: paper (including shredded paper, newspaper and magazines), boxes, cardboard, plastic bags, and all recyclable containers, cans and bottles.

Recycling Depots do not accept: furniture, tires, home renovation material, mattresses, bikes, household hazardous waste or any kind of home appliances (refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, monitors and TVs), among other things. These items should be taken to an Eco Station, Big Bin Event or the Edmonton Waste Management Centre.

It is illegal to leave any of these “non accepted items” at these stations.

Reuse Centre

The City of Edmonton Reuse Centre is a great resource to find great items, at amazing prices. These items are often donated, or diverted from landfill by caring residents. Check out the accepted items list to find out what kind of items you can donate, and also potentially find there!

The Reuse Centre offers a great location for individuals to volunteer and even take part in crafting workshops for local schools. More information can also be found on the Reuse Centre Facebook page!

To learn more about “What Goes Where”, make sure to check out this poster from the City of Edmonton & our world class waste management facilities.

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