Rob’s Junk of the Month – Pokemon Edition

Junk of the month – Pokemon Edition

Over the months we’ve been slowly collecting some of the strange, bizarre and funny things that we find on the job. Some things we find are “punny”, others are just weird and unexpected, regardless we are always being kept on our toes. We hope that you get a kick out of some of the items we’ve recently come across! Enjoy our August’s version of “Rob’s Junk of the Month”, Pokemon themed.

Sometimes we are lucky enough to get called out to view something that is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Similar to the recent Pokemon Go game, on this job our staff got to chase after this majestic creature in all its glory, and were able to catch it! If you’re thinking, “You must be talking about a unicorn”, you’ve guessed right! Not only would this amazing image brighten up your wall, your day and most likely your life, but it will even tell you the time. If you want to be the very best, like no one ever was, you probably need something like this in your life. Whoever the amazing photographer was, they must have never felt more alive as when they were able to capture this photo.

funny unicorn clock found at a junk removal
It may be hard to lay your eyes upon due to its unexplained beauty, but this gem is a one of a kind!

Larger than life

Believe it or not, amazing creatures like this are found all over Edmonton! While our teams our covering hundreds of kilometres on a daily basis, they are sometimes fortunate enough to set their eyes upon some amazing things. This next items was found in a residential area, maybe near you?! Don’t worry, even though he is large in size, he is as friendly as can be. We had heard that some neighbours were scared upon sighting him, and that’s when they called us for our expertise. Dustin is quite experienced in matters like this and as he always says, “To catch them is my real test, but to train them is my cause”. This creatures size has been compared to that of a Snorlax due to his sleepiness, but he seemed a little bit easier to catch. We present to you, the largest bear we’ve ever seen!

Our staff member holds a teddy bear that is twice his size found at a junk removal in Edmonton.
Here we see this fine specimen in his natural habitat and hes holding this huge teddy bear! Have you ever seen a bear this large!?

One of a kind

Last but not least this next photo was only barely captured. Our staff weren’t lucky enough to be able to catch this creature ourselves, however we feel fortunate to even been able to see it! The person in this photo must have been some kind of athlete to be able to catch this beast. It is our best guess that this would be closely related to a Slowpoke, but your guess is as good as ours. Feast your eyes on this magnificent pink animal!

Pink Pokemon found in Edmonton
Take a look at this amazing Edmonton Pokemon trainer. He’s caught himself a really rare beauty.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed our “Rob’s Junk of the Month Pokemon Edition”. Stay tuned as we keep you posted with more of the strangest and funniest things we find as we provide Edmonton with our non-profit junk removal services! Until next time, we’re officially blasting off!