The Best Times to Get Rid of Junk

When should I get my junk removed?

Each year, we speak with hundreds of customers who ask us, “When is the best time for me to hire junk removal services?” In reality, the “best” time to have your household junk removal happen depends on several variables. These changes may allow you more convenient booking availability, quicker response times, and sometimes even better pricing! In this article we will attempt to shed some light on some of the best seasons, dates and times in which junk removal is best to be scheduled!

Spring cleaning and clean up junk removal services

Spring Cleaning Junk Removal

You might have guessed it, the busiest seasons for household junk removal are the warmest; spring, summer and fall. After all, who wants to be doing work around their house in the cold weather? At Junk 4 Good, we see the largest spike in phone calls as soon as spring comes around and as soon as summer is coming to an end. As the majority of customers do, if you are looking to hire junk removal services for items outside, these seasons may be your best options. As spring begins in March, April and May (you’re probably shaking your head at us calling March spring while living in Alberta) these months are the greatest to get a jump start on your household junk removal. Nothing feels better than coming out of winter and making that annual purge of contents from your home. Capitalizing on holidays like Spring Break or May Long Weekend, you are able to accomplish a lot of work while so many people are on holidays! Keep this in mind as you prepare your home for the upcoming summer. Contact us to book your spring clean up removal today!

Summer Junk Removal Services

We know how tough it is to remove branches that are covered in snow, or that old wheelbarrow that is frozen to the ground. These types of items almost always have to wait until the snow melts (unless you’re in a climate without snow, in that case we’re jealous). As June, July and August arrive, summer begins to heat up we all want to be outside enjoying the grass, trees and warmth with our families. At Junk 4 Good, we know that to accomplish this, that means work. As you prepare your outdoor living spaces or even just maintain your house, there are always little things that pop up which need to be taken care of. The good news is, summer time means that all junk removal services are in full force. Although this means busy crews, it also brings extended working hours to fit your schedule. Make sure this summer your get the most out of your yard and home to enjoy it with your kids and grand-kids!  Be sure to contact us, give us a call or even book online when you’re ready to tackle that junk!

Spring clean up of outdoor items for junk removal

Household Junk Removal in the Fall

Each year fall brings several things, beautiful leaves, cool breezes and unfortunately (for some), news of winter. This doesn’t haven’t to be a negative, it can absolutely be an advantage! September, October and November can be excellent months for junk removal, you get to beat working outdoors (or even indoors) in the peak heat of summer and you even get to beat the winter to accomplishing work outdoors. The beginning of September usually brings a large influx of calls and bookings as families prepare to send children back to school. If you miss this surge, then you can easily access convenient booking times that work for you. Many customers will contact Junk 4 Good to send staff out to come and assist with the “Fall Clean-Up” around the yard. Sometimes we even assist in larger projects outside like tearing out that rotten deck or that old shed that began to lean over a little bit. These kind of projects are excellent to accomplish in the fall, as you can have peace knowing that next spring, you’re all set to begin your new projects!

Clean yard after yard waste removal.<

Winter Junk Removal

If you are flexible on when you’re able to schedule an appointment throughout the year, you might want to consider a booking during the snowy months of December, January and February. These months may be cold (brrr) but they do bring their own advantages. The winter is considered to be the slowest season for junk removal services and we don’t blame anyone, it gets REALLY cold out. You have to deal with snow melting in your home, icy sidewalks and that frozen wind chill. This does however offer unique perks to you, the customer. When things slow down a little, this creates “pick of the litter” availability. To top it all off, during the winter you might even see “Winter Pricing” or winter pricing promotions. Being flexible pays off! Contact us to find out about any current promotions and for all pricing details.

Junk removal doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. At Junk 4 Good, it is our goal to make it simple for you. Regardless of season, our teams are ready and capable to accomplish any job. Let us do all the hard work and free you from that junk taking up your valuable space! Contact us today and book your free on-site estimate!

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