What Can I Do With My Old Refrigerator

How do I get rid of my old refrigerator?

Getting rid of your old fridge doesn’t have to be an overwhelming and stressful process. There are several options of what you can do with your fridge, however you must be sure to follow local regulations and laws.

First and foremost, plan to remove your refrigerator in a safe manner. It is always the most important to protect yourself, those around you as well as your home. To get rid of your fridge safely, it helps to have to proper protective equipment and tools. Common tools and equipment may include gloves, lifting straps and/or a dolly.

Junk 4 Good Staff carefully removing old refrigerator

To safely remove a fridge with a dolly, tilt the fridge back and slide a dolly underneath the fridge. Then secure the fridge to the dolly and lift/tilt the dolly back onto the wheels while securely holding onto the handle. Roll the fridge out of your home and to your transportation vehicle.

If you need help with the lifting, moving and removal of your fridge, give us a call. Our teams can do all the heavy lifting and transportation.

What can I do with my old refrigerator?

Where can you take your old refrigerator when you’re all finished with it? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! There are a few great options that you might look into.

Fridge Donation

If your fridge is still functional and may have a few more years left in it, there may be organizations near you that could accept it as a donation. Most organizations will require the fridge to be cleared out and cleaned before acceptance. Search for local organizations that may accept household appliances, some might even offer a pick up!

Fridge Recycling

If your refrigerator has reached the end of its life, it can often be recycled rather than simply being disposed of. Many local scrap metal yards can dismantle a fridge and reuse the metal pieces, to become future metal products. These scrap yards often require appliances to be dropped off and to have the freon removed.

Junk 4 Good staff wheeling out refrigerator

Freon Disposal

Freon is a chemical that was often used in appliances such as fridges and freezers to act as a refrigerant. Although this chemical does a good job keeping things cool, it can be very toxic if released into the atmosphere. Most scrap yards will require the freon to be removed prior to being recycled. Be sure to check your local laws for more information on how to dispose of refrigerant.

If you’d like more information, please give us a call or see more about Junk 4 Good’s refrigerator removal and recycling services.