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Garbage is our responsibility.

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What Happens With Our Garbage? For many years, large cities like Edmonton have had no options for disposing of the vast majority of it`s garbage other than piling it all in massive mountains that will be monuments to our society`s throw away mentality for generations to come. Our great great great grandchildren will likely be able […]

Your Local Junk Recycler – Junk 4 Good

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Junk 4 Good loves to recycle in Edmonton! You would be amazed at how much of what you throw away can be recycled! Did you know that Junk 4 Good goes out of our way to make sure your junk is recycled locally when possible? So when you’re thinking to yourself, “Who will recycle my […]

What Goes Where? – Recycling In Edmonton

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It’s Spring Time In Edmonton! We don’t know about you, but we’ve been loving this weather! With such a beautiful spring in Edmonton, more and more people are getting a head start on their spring cleaning. When you start to clean out your garage, shed or basement, are you aware of the different items you […]

Hiring a junk removal company – helpful tips

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How do I hire a junk removal company? Hiring a junk removal company and getting your items removed shouldn’t be a complicated process. At Junk 4 Good, we strive to make it easy and simple for you to get your items picked up and removed! Here are some helpful tips for hiring a junk removal […]