Your Local Junk Recycler in Edmonton – Junk 4 Good

Junk 4 Good loves to recycle in Edmonton!

You would be amazed at how much of what you throw away can be recycled! Did you know that Junk 4 Good goes out of our way to make sure your junk is recycled locally when possible? So when you’re thinking to yourself, “Who will recycle my old junk”, look no further! We proudly recycle over 60% of all materials we remove. That’s hundreds of thousands of pounds of different materials being recycled over the past few years.

Junk 4 Good staff member stands in a before and after image of removing old appliances and mattresses to be recycled.
Junk 4 Good can easily remove your old and worn appliances, allowing you to sit back and relax and enjoy your space!

Each year we receive hundreds of phone calls from people who are looking to replace their out dated appliances. Ever wonder what happens to your old stove or dryer when you’re finished? Junk 4 Good makes every effort to see the metals reused and made into new products. We have our team’s separate appliances out at local transfer stations as well as taking them to our local scrap yard, Maple Leaf Metals. At Maple Leaf, all the valuable metals and plastics will be separated, sorted and will be reused once again!

 Don’t settle for simply disposing of your old mattress!

Another very common item we frequently get asked about is mattresses. Because they are such a common item that only lasts so many years, we see a lot of customers requesting the removal and disposal of mattresses. Unfortunately, presently most companies locally will simply dispose of mattresses at landfills. At a landfill, mattresses can often cause more harm than good. The materials and construction of mattresses make them very resilient and true to the fact that they always bounce back into shape. This is great for sleeping, however can be very bad at a landfill. When buried in the ground, a mattress will create an air pocket that can collect methane gasses created by the landfill. This creates a large and dangerous hazard to all staff, machinery and customers accessing the landfill.

Evergreen Recycling's mattress recycling team in Edmonton collect mattress items from the U of A Eco Move Out.
Evergreen Recycling’s mattress recycling team in Edmonton collect mattress items from the U of A Eco Move Out.

As of 2015, we have access to Edmonton’s first mattress recycling facility, Evergreen Recycling. At Evergreen, almost all of the components are separated to be made into usable products once again. Nearly 90% of the mass of a mattress can be disassembled and recycled into new consumer materials. All the steel bed springs are separated out and sent to Maple Leaf Metals to be made into new steel products. The foam is separated, then sent to a company who chips the material and turns it into an eco friendly carpet underlay. Other materials, plastic, wood and fabrics then find their new home all with local vendors. Not only is recycling your old mattress helpful to the environment, but it also helps support local jobs!

What about donating good quality used items?

When our amazing junk removal crews pick up items customers no longer want in their homes, some used belongings might find a new home with local non-profit organizations. We love to donate gently used clothes to Goodwill, who offers amazing job opportunities to individuals with disabilities in our community. For items like children’s toys and non perishable food items, we will often drop them off with the Jasper Place Wellness Centre. These items will be distributed to needy people in our local community.

Would you believe that your old, broken down electronics still have life left in them?

Do you ever wonder what happens to your old TV’s and electronics? We work closely with a local electronics recycler, GEEP (Quantum Lifecycle), who collects and disassembles electronic items. Within many of the electronic items we use on a daily basis, there are actually very tiny and valuable components. Believe it or not, there are small bits of gold, silver and platinum attached to the circuit boards. GEEP will disassemble these items and pull out all the reusable components and give them a new life.

Did you know that even cardboard and plastics can be recycled locally at Capital Paper Recycling. Their amazing west Edmonton facility offers an amazing alternative to simply throwing old papers and plastics out. They collect, sort and package different materials a have them prepared for shipping world wide to be re-purposed.

As for all those other products such as batteries, paints, chemicals and combustibles, we make sure that our teams are responsible and they will drop them off at the City of Edmonton Eco Station located at the City of Edmonton Waste Management Centre. We gladly go these great distances because we aren’t just a junk removal company, we are Edmontonians, and we care how things are disposed of in our community!